It´s Magic, intro

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It´s Magic - 30 min free introduction

Explore and develop your own magic

20 September 18.00 introduction in english on Zoom    

Welcome to an introduction to the course It´s Magic based on the new book It´s Magic, by Annekatrin Puhle. (Swedish translation)

The book covers true stories, modern research and exciting practices to open up your own world of magic.

Our presentation will introduce you to the course It´s Magic and the content of the three magical workshops



              Expanded Awarness

The workshops will include

  • Modern research and true stories on the topic
  • Shared experiences and questions
  • Exciting Practices

How and when

We offer three 1 day workshops both on line at zoom and live in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. Starting this autumn. The dates to be settled in time for the introduction.

By booking your place you will recieve your link to Zoom.

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Annekatrin Puhle PhD is one of those rare authors who is well grounded in modern science but at the same time intimately knowledgeable about traditional magic. This unique combination makes It’s Magic an excellent survey of magic for the modern mind. An enjoyable and enlightening book, well worth reading.

                                                  Dr Dean Radin

PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author, Real Magic, and other books.

About the author and the contributor

Annekatrin Puhle is the author of It´s Magic. She has written several books about the wondrous world of magic. All of them based on deep research on topics such as dreams, plants, ghosts and light phenomenas. She has a PhD in philosphy and also offers help as healthconsultant.

Lucia Severed, who has contributed to the book, is a lawyer, yogateacher and coach. She has had a deep interest and many experiences in magic since childhood.


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